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Private Study

Strengthening and supporting your learning through private study is our speciality. We offer help and assistance at all levels of study with D.E.L.E, Open University, Degree level, A Levels or GCSE exams.

G.C.S.E. Exams

At whatever point in your GCSE course you may be, we are able to identify your strengths and needs via a series of classes with our experinced GCSE support tutor; in order to encourage you right until you pass your exam!

A-Level Exams

Much like GCSE course students, we welcome any AS and A2 Level student who may be just starting out, mid way through their course, or about to take their exams. Get in touch and we will offer you our support.

Higher Education studentsGerman_American_Kids_Bookshelf

Please enquire with us if you are in need of assistance with any higher educationĀ language courses you are studying. We’re trained to help with D.E.L.E, Open University and Degree level programmes.

Book your class now

Let us know about your language of interest, general preferences for times and days during the week, and give us an idea of class frequency. We will aim to reply to your message within 24 hours of receipt.